Montana has one of the coldest temperatures in the history of the United States. The only other place that it's been colder is Alaska. If you live in Montana, cold winters are something that you expect every year.

It has been below zero already a couple of times this year, but those temperatures are nothing in comparison to the coldest temperatures on record in Montana.

Here are the Top Five Coldest Days in Montana History:

  1. January 20, 1954 - Roger's Pass (N. of Helena) is the location of the coldest temperature ever in the United States outside of Alaska. On Jan. 20, 1954 a temperature of -70 was recorded during one of the harshest winters in the history of the Treasure State.
  2. February 9th, 1933 - West Yellowstone, MT - Not only is this the 2nd coldest temperature in Montana's history at -66, two of Wyoming's coldest temperatures on record occurred on the same day.
  3. February 12, 1905 - Hebgen Dam -  Hebgen Dam located near Island Park holds the #3 spot with a frigid temperature of -60 back in 1905.
  4. January 12, 1963 - West Yellowstone, MT - Having two out of the top five coldest temperatures on the list. West Yellowstone is one of the coldest places to spend a winter in Montana.
  5. February 15, 1936 - Glasgow, MT - Located in Northeastern Montana, Glasgow holds the 5th coldest temperature in the history of the state.

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