Everyone, it seems, has fond memories of going to the drive-in during their youth. Sadly, the drive-in theater became a thing of the past as indoor multi-plex movie theaters took over with plush seats and theater-style seating. Now, though, the drive-in could make a comeback.

A new indoor drive-in theater is set to open in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2018. This 21st Century drive-in will include:

  • A 40,000-square-foot indoor facility
  • 50 vintage cars where movie-goers will enjoy the movie
  • Real trees planted throughout the facility
  • Multiple dining areas
  • Several bars
  • A picnic area

How cool is that? If we could get one of these in Bozeman, we could enjoy going to the drive-in 12 months out of the year. Anyone have the money build us one of these modern day drive-ins?

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