Either Food & Wine doesn't know what they're talking about or perhaps I'm a bad Montanan. This stuff was named "Montana's Best Snack" and I genuinely have never heard of it, let alone eaten it.

Colorado was noted for its edibles. Georgia, its pecans. But "Montana's Best Snack"? Food & Wine picked toasted Kamut. WTH is toasted Kamut? A nut? A grain? A bread? I don't know at this point whether to be disappointed with Food & Wine or with myself for not knowing what this stuff is.

What I DO know is that I've never had a conversation about toasted Kamut with another resident of Montana. Or anyone else on the planet, for that matter. But apparently it's pretty tasty and quite nutritious. What did Food and Wine have to say about it?

Corn Nuts are cool, but have you tried toasted kamut? In the part of the state that isn't mountains and Californians trying to unplug, grain grows as far as the eye can see, some of it the ancient, highly nutritious Khorasan wheat, noted for its giant, delicious kernels.

Roast them, toast them, salt them — it's a snack that's more than just your beer's new best friend, as it also happens to be very nutritious.

Montana's own Big Sandy Organics sells their Kracklin' Kamut by the bag on Amazon; look out for their latest project, too: Einkorn Krunch.

This lady on YouTube has a channel called Mary's Nest. It's a little on the 'Home-on-the-range-Stepford-wife' side but she does a really good job of explaining what the hell Kamut is, and what you can actually do with it. You just have to get past the "Hi, Sweet Friends" part...

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