Who's got the best hot dog anywhere? No matter the region of America, that's a tough question to answer. What is simply a sausage on a bun, can evolve into a local culinary legend. Guess what? Butte, Montana is home to the 'Best Hot Dog in Montana'.

Mr. Hot Dogs in Butte was named "The Best Hot Dog in Montana" by Food & Wine Magazine which is no small feat in a state that prides itself on some of the best beef in the world. Never been there? As of this writing, neither have I so perhaps we should plan a quick lunch road trip. (BTW, this place is a very humble lookin' joint and I'm dying to try it.)

Mr. Hot Dogs' Facebook page gives this quick, to-the-point description of what you can expect there: "Home of the Original Chicago Style Dog on a Poppy Seed Bun. 100% Montana Beef and Buffalo Hotdogs!" (1806 Cobban St Butte, MT)

Mr. Hot Dogs Butte - Facebook
Mr. Hot Dogs Butte - Facebook


  • "Probably the best hot dogs I've had in a LONG WHILE! These dogs are HUGE fyi. Hubby got the Rueben dog, I got the Butte dog and we got the kids just regular dogs with ketchup."
  • "The dog was so large and he filled it with toppings to the brim. I loved the pickles and the taste of the hot dog!! Deeeelish!!!"
  • "If you're in Butte, make sure you visit this quaint mom & pop shop!"
  • "Don't let the outside deceive you, this place serves up some delicious food!"
  • "We went with the tater tot dog and the Mexican dog. They were absolutely delicious! Some of the best hot dogs I've had. They're also huge: great for big appetites."
  • "Prices were crazy reasonable for the amount of food you get. This place is cash only so keep that in mind."
  • "Mine had pineapple slaw that was really juicy, grilled onions and mozzarella cheese. Very delicious and huge! $9 is a bargain for a gourmet hot dog and chips."
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Mr. Hot Dogs Butte - Google Maps
Mr. Hot Dogs Butte - Google Maps

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