Taylor Swift knows a thing or two about how to tell a ‘Love Story’ through song — and a few days ago, she helped play a role in a real-life marriage proposal.

When Taylor’s tour stopped in Detroit last February, she met up with WYCD DJ Jason ‘The 300 Pound Cowboy’ and his girlfriend, Kelli, and hit it off with the couple. As the night drew to a close, Taylor’s mother warned them, “Next time I see you two, you’d better be engaged!”

Fast forward to last Thursday, when Taylor returned to Detroit — and reunited with Jason and Kelli backstage after the show. After they spent a few minutes catching up, he followed the advice he’d been given last year, and reached into his pocket for a ring.

“The last time we saw you, you told us we’d better be engaged the next you saw us, so Kelli…” Jason said, as recounted on the station’s website. Swift, who had no idea what was coming, was understandably surprised, but she had enough wits about her to urge Jason, “Get down on your knee!”

The next time Taylor gets together with Jason and Kelli, they’ll have to try pretty hard to top their first two meetings. What’s next? A baby?

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