Gibson made a big announcement this week and it's going to be even bigger for Bozeman.

First, a little back story, the new models which are called "The Gibson Generation Collection" was actually conceived back in 1964.  Gibson was going through archives and came across the blueprints and decided to go forth with the plans.

The idea behind the new model(s) will allow the actual player to hear more of what the audience hears.

Traditional acoustic guitars have the "sound hole" which is placed on the top of the guitar in the middle of the body right above the bridge.  With the Gibson Generation Collection, the traditional sound hole will remain, but will also include the "Gibson Player Port" which is an additional soundhole (more oval-shaped) on the side of the guitar that will amplify the sound for the actual player.

The new guitars will be American-made and handcrafted in Bozeman, just like all of the other Gibson Acoustics.

Gibson will offer four different models and all four will feature a sikita spruce top and walnut sides and back. The Gibson Generation Collection guitars will be lighter with a flat fretboard that should improve ease of play, allowing more comfort and speed.

The models are the G-00, the G-45, the G-Writer, and the G-200. Both the G-Writer and the G-200 models include electronics, which will allow you to play through amplification.

As far as pricing goes, according to, the models start at just under a thousand dollars and go up to two thousand dollars.  Which actually, is reasonable for a handcrafted, solid wood, American Made guitar.

Personally, I can't wait to play one and I might have just added something to my Christmas list.

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