This past weekend was a crazy one for the Bozeman Police Department. Some don't realize how hard our officers work in the wee hours of the night, so if you need a reminder of what is happening while we are sleeping, here you go.


A male suspect refused to identify himself after attempting to break into hotel rooms. When he was being apprehended, he assaulted one of the officers, causing injury.


Officers were called to the scene when a male was apparently urinating in public. Officers located the male who decided to kick one of the officers instead of cooperating.


Officers responded to a call regarding a domestic disturbance, at which a female chose to run from officers when they arrived on the scene. After apprehending the female, she continued kicking officers. With her safety a priority, officers put her in a WRAP to keep her from harming herself and other officers.


With numerous calls regarding bar fights, one did end with a male getting hit in the head with a beer bottle, causing a large laceration.

Another call came in regarding someone who had driven up onto a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood, resulting in an investigation into a DUI charge. Around the same time, another individual was charged with sexual assault.


Two men were assaulted when their home was broken into. The victims sustained numerous injuries from the assailants. After a short search, the perpetrators were located, still wearing their blood-covered clothing, and were arrested.

This is just a glimpse into what our police officers are dealing with all night long. So the next time you see an officer, make sure to give them a smile or a wave, and tell them "THANK YOU". We don't always see the hard work they are constantly putting in.

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