Seriously? I see the posts all over Facebook and they really don't do anything but spread fear and anxiety. We're all going to die someday—but the odds that it's going to be from a Supervolcano are about as good as the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in our lifetime. Actually, that  DID happen. Ok, bad example.

I guess anything is possible, but do you realize how short a time our lifespan is when compared to the millions of years that this planet has been in operation? I think our chances are pretty good that a volcano that hasn't exploded in over 600,000 years isn't going to explode in the 100 years we may be taking up residence here. Since the first humans sat around a campfire, they've been predicting the end of their existence. There must be something fatalistic—and a bit narcissistic—about humans always believing that life on the planet is about to end. The early Christians believed it, the Romans believed it, the Pilgrims believed it... and yet, we're still here.

If you're still losing sleep over this Supervolcano, this will hopefully ease your fear: the US Geological Survey is saying they have no evidence of an impending eruption. I think they need more evidence than a few buffalo on video running down a road in Yellowstone Park—which, by the way, buffalo have been doing for centuries. Still, people post these silly apocalyptic stories, fearful of dying from a volcano, yet not in the least worried about the toxic food they ingest daily or the texting they do while operating an automobile. That's going to get you way before any end-of-the-world event.

So please, no more apocalyptic posts about the Supervolcano on Facebook. I want to spend my time being terrified about things that really are scary—like spiders in my bed!


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