Almost everyday on the calendar is designated as a special day for some group, food, emotion, or hobby. Here are a few of our favorites to make sure you don't miss them in 2017:

January 14 - National Rubber Duckie Day (They're rubber duckies and they make me smile, come on!)

February 6 - Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (If I get to eat ice cream, I will gladly celebrate)

May 14 - Dance Like a Chicken Day

July 2 - World UFO Day (maybe this is the year our friends from other planets will come celebrate with us)

August 23 - Ride the Wind Day (Any day that includes a Christopher Cross reference is a favorite of ours!)

September 17 - International Country Music Day

September 22 - Elephant Appreciation Day (Because they just don't get enough appreciation)

October 4 - National Taco Day (Any excuse to eat a taco is day I want to celebrate)

December 23 - Festivus (our personal favorite of all the days)


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