In Dave & Ally's never ending to quest to live in a germ-free world, here's something else we now may have to avoid in 2019. And while it's something that we don't use everyday, it's out there lurking in your freezer.

It turns out that ice may be secretly trying to make us sick. I always thought freezing something kills any germs it may have, but it turns out that bacteria that causes food-borne illness like listeria, salmonella, and E. colli doesn't die when it's frozen.

Now, how do ice and ice cubes become a home for germs that we want to avoid? It turns out that your water pipes and your home's main water filter could be the culprit. Germs, they're hiding everywhere!

So, now the question is: do we have to stop using ice?

The Food and Drug Administration recommends keeping your freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or even lower. This won't necessarily kill the germs in your freezer but it will slow down the growth of bacteria.

Guess we're going to limit our ice use to alcoholic drinks. Hopefully, the alcohol will kill any germs that might be looking to do us harm.

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