Before December 20th, make sure you stop into Soby's Cafe on Main Street and say "goodbye" to Donna and Brenda and the whole gang down at Soby's. The property has been sold and will eventually become part of Pub 317.

Here's what Donna posted on the Soby's Facebook page earlier this week:

Good Morning Everyone,
I was waiting to make an official announcement but it seems as though word is getting out. On October 2nd I sold the property Sobys is located in.
Pub 317 purchased it and will start a remodel in the new year. At this time Sobys will close on Dec 20th. I have loved working at Sobys for 22 years and owning Sobys for 7 1/2 years. I have loved watching you families grow and being part of all of your lives.
I started to realize this past summer that I only have 6 years left with my kids in the house and I want to work less and spend more time with them. I know this will surprise alot but we at Sobys just ask that you wish us all the best on our new careers. And please continue to come enjoy our food until we close.

Donna we're going to miss Soby's, but most of all we're going to miss you and your staff. Thank you for all the surprise breakfast plates that have showed up at the XL Country studio over the past two years! I'm not sure what Amy is going to do now on Saturday mornings. And good luck in the next chapter of your post-Soby's life! Wherever you end up, they will be a better company for having you. Please stay in touch!