Here's the weird thing about recurring 'SNL' characters and sketches: you may get tired or annoyed by them at the time, but ten years later, you'll just be longing for them. We didn't know how much we were missing the "Bill Brasky" sketches until last night, when the show brought the character back one more time. After all, when you have Will Ferrell in the house, you've got to revisit some of his classics.

There are no new gimmicks here. The formula is the same as it was back when Ferrell was a cast member (and was the reason to be watching the show). In a way, it's truly refreshing how the sketch simply refuses to fix what isn't broken. As before, the scene revolves around a group of loud, obnoxious drunks with red faces and odd teeth drinking heavily and swapping stories of Bill Brasky, their mutual friend and, uh, nemesis. You see, Bill Brasky may be the greatest salesman of all time and an impressive specimen of a man, but he's also a walking nightmare and some of the stories these guys swap would make your blood curdle.

As he was before, Will Ferrell anchors the sketch, but guest host Paul Rudd, additional guest David Koechner and Taran Killiam keep pace with him, delivering an 'SNL' blast from the past that feels as good the originals.

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