This weekend will mark a monumental occasion for 'SNL,' not only elevating season finale host Ben Affleck into the five-timers club, but also bidding a fond farewell to veteran Bill Hader, potentially Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen as well. Less impressed with the proceedings is the controversial Kanye West, who barely manages to hid his disdain in the most recent promos for this weekend's all-new 'SNL.'

Kanye West has been known to strike up controversy most everywhere he goes, this weekend's 'SNL' finale already proving no different. Having previously trashed the 'SNL' cast, Kanye's appearance in the latest promos featuring Ben Affleck and Fred Armisen seems as stiff, and unfriendly as we've ever seen the rapper before.

He even sports a band-aid in one of the takes, an exaggeration of an incident this past week in which Kanye's evasion of paparazzi led the rapper to bump his head onto a street sign, something West even ranted about at his recent Adult Swim Upfront performance.

We're counting on Affleck and the cast to deliver a fine cap to 'SNL's' 38th season this weekend, but here's hoping Kanye doesn't bring any more trouble to the stage.

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