Saturday Night Live has become a workhorse for consistently delivering comedic talent over the decades. That being said, the road to landing a role on the show has never been an easy one. The next time you think your are nervous about a job interview, realize what these hopefuls had to go through to land their career of a lifetime.

The likes of Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, Dana Carvey, Chevy Chase and many more recount their memories of the sought after Saturday Night Live audition. The show's Executive Producer, Lorne Michaels, apparently wouldn't even laugh during any of the auditions. That would be difficult when you are hoping for a job that pays you to make people laugh.

My favorite is Bill Hader recounting the elevator ride to his audition

I got in an elevator, and there was a guy who was also auditioning, and I thought: “That guy brought a lot of props. I didn’t bring anything.” And he was looking at me, going, “That guy didn’t have to bring any props.” We were just sizing each other up in the elevator. And that was Andy Samberg."


And if you're interested in joining the Saturday Night Live cast, here are some tips that will you get the job!

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