It began as a form of winter transportation and now it's an action packed competition. This weekend top skijoring competitors from around the Rocky Mountain region will compete in the Duckworth Montana Classic this Saturday & Sunday (Jan 23-24) at the Gallatin County Regional Park.

The course is 900 feet long, with 20 gates and four jumps. The rider and horse will pull the skier through the course, and the time starts and stops on the skier not the horse. Skiers must go right of red gates and left of blue. There is a five second penalty for a missed gate and two seconds for a missed ring. Skiers or riders can collect the ring and must cross the finish line with the ring in hand. The rope length is a maximum of 33 feet in length and the attachment is either to the saddle horn or behind the cantle. Each horse may only run twice per day. Skiers may run four times per day.

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