Are you an "artsy" person? If the answer is YES, this is a great opportunity to show your skills, your love for Montana, $2000 dollars richer! Now I know when some people see they can get paid for something they may start to think, "well maybe I am artsy?". FWP is not seeking stick figures. Not this time anyway, so I am definitely not in the running for this.

FWP (Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks) is looking for their next artist to create a historical piece of art.

An artist to showcase the wetlands of Montana along with the animals that call those wetlands home. Highlighting just a piece of Montana's beauty. Still sound like something you could do?

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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is re-launching the Migratory Bird Stamp. This is great news for the state. This stamp helps raise awareness of wetland conservation.

The complimentary new Migratory Bird Stamp will help raise additional awareness and appreciation for wetlands and the migratory bird species that directly benefit from them. The stamp also signifies a renewed emphasis and focus by FWP on wetland habitat. Promoting the new Migratory Bird Stamp will provide ongoing opportunities to highlight the importance of wetlands to wildlife and working lands.  -FWP

The winning artist will be featured at the state capitol and handed a check for $2,000. Pretty impressive!


It's really easy to enter the contest and get your art uploaded, just follow the link below.



You only have until January 31st to upload your wetland masterpiece, so you better get started. If you have any questions you can go to the FWP WEBSITE, or shoot an email over to our friend Greg Lemon:, 406-444-1226.


Good luck to everyone that enters! A winner will be picked in February.

cc: FWP Website

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