Did Pat Sajak actually mock one of his contestants last week on Wheel of Fortune? During the introductions, he is being accused on social media of openly mocking a contestant who spoke with a distinct lisp when Sajak appears to have answered "I thee," instead of "I see."

Social media, as always, was quick to call out Sajak and demand his removal from the show he's hosted for 35 years. A woman Tweeted: 
Hopefully you learned by your mistake and stop making fun of those with a lisp. As a woman who has lived all her life with one (and my parents put me in speech classes when I was first going to school as a youngster), I find it appalling that you do that kind of crap.

There were many more with a similar theme. But others came to his defense.

Only the week before, Sajak had posted on Twitter the following:
 “How nice for those who have lived such exemplary lives that they can express glee when others have their lives ruined by a mistake, real or perceived.”

Little did he know he would be living that just a few days later?

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