We are constantly hearing about all of these people from other states moving to Montana and "ruining" it. Here is the deal, it's not just a huge uptick in west coast folks moving here.

The Secretary of State, Christi Jacobsen, released some jaw dropping information recently. I'm still a bit in shock of the actual numbers that came with 2023 and what does this mean for 2024?

According to the Montana Business Economic Report, in 2023 the state of Montana had 4800 new businesses in February. That number seems like a lot right?! Well, compared to February of 2024, that number is low.

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In February of this year, 5,000 new business registrations were filed with the Secretary of State’s Office. So 200 more than last year at this time. I am wondering what types of businesses these are? Maybe in the field of construction or hair dressers or other independent contractors. I am not exactly sure.

Family, friends, and neighbors are excited to begin their new endeavors, and we’re excited to partner with the business community to help them achieve their goals. -Secretary Jacobsen

In 2023 there were 59,000 NEW businesses filing with the state. To put it into prospective, that would be like every single person in Bozeman registering a business with the state. Literally everyone you pass would be a business owner.

Montana is known across the U.S., as a top ranked state to start a business in, I just can't imagine having that many new businesses last year.


If you are thinking of starting a new business in Montana, do it before April 15th. If you register prior to the 15th, you will have a one-time fee waiver for all Montana businesses filing their annual report.

I suppose if you think of all of the people who, after COVID, decided they didn't want to be the middle man anymore and took up working for themselves the number seems attainable.

With home and office prices on the rise once again, it will be interesting to see what numbers come in 2024.

cc: Secretary of State Official Website

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