tom jordan

Lonestar has some really exciting news! Richie is rejoining the group!  2012 is the 20th Anniversary of Lonestar.  I am very proud to call these guys  my friends.  I was there in the beginning when they were known as Texassee!  I met the guys in Reno the first night they had a gig at a local casino as the house band in 1991.  I was so impressed with them, I invited them to come into the radio station I was working at called K-BULL.  Ever since, I have been an avid fan and follower and friend of the band.  Dean Sams, the keyboardist and I keep in touch regularly.  I am so jazzed that Richie is back with the band and looking forward to some awesome sounding new Lonestar music in 2012!  The picture above was the first time the guys met my then girlfriend, (and now my beautiful wife Lori) and the first thing out of Richie's mouth was to Lori, "Wow! What bet did you lose?" And he quickly followed that to her with, 'it's okay, we're very close friends of Tom'.... :) LOVE THEM BOYS!