Neither John Rich nor the remaining members of Lonestar have ever explained why Rich was fired after the band's Crazy Nights album was released. It can be assumed, however, that each party's success in the years to come justified the move.

The quartet went on to record five studio albums and put seven songs on top of the country charts before vocalist Richie McDonald left. Rich teamed up with Big Kenny Alphin to form Big and Rich, one of the more unique and influential duos of the 2000s.

Rich appears in the band's "No News" video (notable for the inclusion of a keytar and drummer Keech Rainwater's flowing, blonde hair). He co-wrote a number of cuts from the band's first two albums and was the lead vocalist on the Top 20 hit "Heartbroke Every Day." McDonald rejoined the band several years ago, and they have toured and released new music, while Big and Rich started their own label to release their own most recent album.

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