From the day she was born, she was bound to do something amazing. For Dani Aravich, that something amazing is about to take a whole new direction and we couldn't be more proud to have her represent Bozeman and the United States.

Born without her left hand and forearm, Dani was never one to be held back. Growing up, Aravich competed in basketball, soccer and volleyball. Succeeding in those sports she gave cross country a shot, and like the other sports she excelled in, cross country got her into a Division 1 school and she started her freshman year Butler University.

College was a success, like many other things Aravich put her mind to. After college she moved to Salt Lake City and worked for the Utah Jazz. That is where she was introduced to the Paralympics. Training after work and putting her focus back on running she was introduced to Nordic. Quickly, she fell in love with the sport.

She took the biggest risk of her life when she quit her full time job and pursued training full time. Aravich's hard work paid off again when she qualified for the Tokyo Paralympics.

Aravich's latest goals: qualify for the Beijing Winter Paralympics, grow in the sport, and eventually, get that medal. A new summer sport may be next on the training agenda, us fans could only hope! The more Aravich the better!

For girls throughout the world, having a role model like Dani Aravich is not only a blessing, but gives hope for the future.

Aravich's 5 year plan is like many of us here in Montana:

Live in a cabin somewhere in Montana that is peaceful and no one can disturb me -Dani Aravich

We definitely can not blame her for that one, we all could use a little peace and harmony. Although, a dog could be in the near future, I don't think having a training buddy would be too terrible of an idea.

Fun Facts: 

Favorite Candy: Gummy Bears

Favorite Food: Rare Steak

Favorite Color: Black

Success is not final;

Failure is not fatal;

It is the courage to continue

that counts -Winston S Churchill


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