With the snow over the last couple of days, not only does it increase our chances of a White Christmas, but it also makes for better snow skiing.

For many folks, skiing is a Christmas tradition and for a while, we were starting to worry a little about the lack of precipitation around the area.  However, the Weather Gods blessed us by dumping several inches of snow and it looks like maybe all will be right after all.

In the Bozeman area, Big Sky has been open for a couple of weeks, however, Bridger Bowl postponed its opening due to lack of snow.

Let's start with Big Sky, as of yesterday there were looking pretty good as far as snow depth. Headwaters had a base of 19 inches and received 9 inches from Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. Andesite had a base of 9 inches and received 8 inches from Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.

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Bridger Bowl was looking to reevaluate opening day as it was postponed to the 17th of this month, however after meeting yesterday, they're shooting for December 21st.

Red Lodge reported a base of 12 inches at both the Base and Mid-Moutain.

Here is some more good news, taking a look at the Weather Forecast, it looks like more snow is expected tonight. So, with any luck that will only increase the depth and the chances of people hitting the slopes soon.

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Bozeman Lights Up For 2021 Christmas Stroll

Thousands of Bozemanites gathered together to celebrate the Christmas season with the 41st Annual Christmas Stroll

Montana Holiday Truck Village Sure Puts On One Heck Of A Show

Tis the season for holiday cheer, holiday lights, and holiday spirit. I headed to Belgrade this past Friday to check out the holiday spirit of the Truck Village and it was a heck of a show.

The event started at 530 and we got there right when it was opening, which was perfect for parking purposes and grabbing a bite to eat. You can check out some of the awesome trucks that were there. From semi-trucks to garbage trucks, and everything in between, the event was super cool.

Not only were there lots of bright, lit-up trucks there to see, but there was food, a few vendors, and animals to check out. A couple of super cute puppies almost came home with me, but I was told no, which is probably a good thing.

We walked through the lights, row by row, listening to the kids talking about how amazing it was and they were absolutely right. The work that these truck owners put into this event is amazing.

Some trucks were completely covered in lights from front to end, blow up Santa's and elves, and lit up American Flags. The Truck Village was a night for bragging and showing off the Holiday spirit, and these people did an amazing job.

It was incredibly nice to see all the families with there little ones enjoying the beautiful weather and a night that ended in celebration with fireworks. Next year will be just as great if not better, and I can not wait.

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