Everyone loves a carnival, right? Kids have fun, Parents have fun watching the kids, you eat great carnival food, it's just a great time for the whole family.

Well, what about a Science Carnival?

Yep, a Science Carnival.  The Montana Science Center is celebrating its 20th Anniversary and is having a Science Carnival and you and the whole family are invited.

The Science Carnival will take place next Saturday, August 28th at the Montana Science Center here in Bozeman, and it's going to kick off at 2 pm and will go to 7 pm.

There will be 3 different time slots and each will be filled with all kinds of demonstrations and activities.

As a kid, I never really got into Science because I never saw it as fun. However, the Science Carnival is interactive, so everyone will have a chance to not only learn, but to participate as well. Hands-on learning is always the best and this is a chance to give kids a really cool opportunity to "learn and do" at the same time.

Bunsen burner heating flask with science equipment in laboratory

Tickets are 15 dollars per person, or you can bring the whole family for 50 dollars. Tickets are limited, so make sure you purchase your tickets early.

There will be Food Trucks, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, plus different types of beverages. Plus, there is going to be a silent auction, so you can bid on some really great stuff and fun family activities.

Once again, the Science Carnival happens next Saturday (August 28th) from 2 pm until 7 pm at the Montana Science Center, located at 2744 West Main here in Bozeman. If you would like tickets, click here.

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