We hear about the good and bad of every town through this little thing called the internet. Trolls especially like to make themselves heard through this forum, but we get some honesty as well. Though these reviews of Bozeman go back a few years, do you think they're accurate?

Everyone has their own experiences, but these users felt compelled to share theirs on the NICHE site.

Now there are different ways to "rate" Bozeman, as you can see below. In my opinion, the good outweighs the bad by a long shot, but you can be the judge of that.


Let's just dive right in. We will start with the OLDEST review, dating back to 2014:

The weather here is always cold and snowy. The roads never feel safe to travel on especially in the city limits. Prepare to wear a coat for 10 months out of the year.

Now, this review was left in June of 2014...so I am guessing they just came out of hibernation from the long winter...which Montana is known for. No offense to this commenter, BUT you probably should have expected as much.

This next one is STILL TRUE to this day. This review was left in 2016:

Cost of housing is a problem. Everything else is fine and with in walking distance if one chooses. There are little to none abandoned or vacant properties.

I'll admit, the cost of housing is still a problem. We feel you on this one.

I won't lie, I did laugh a bit at this next one. I think we have pretty decent public transportation for the size of the town and never once have I had an "outlaw" pick me up in a taxi. Also, this was written in 2019...so I'm not sure how many "outlaws" there were driving taxis.

If you are a senior by yourself don't go to Bozeman. Public transportation is a nightmare. Taxi drivers are outlaws. If you are poor Bozemans attitude is you are a lower form of life. The only thing that matters is money here. It takes years to get into decent HUD housing. The one HUD apt that is open is a dark smelly place that caters to dogs and smokers. The medical is suspect. Don't move here.

I think many of us would like to go back to the days when the median house price was "this low". I wonder what this user thinks of Bozeman now, considering the median house price has almost doubled since this review was submitted in May 2019.

Overpriced community which is run by greedy developers and flooded with out-of-state money from the West Coast which has driven up the cost of living for locals. It has changed from a friendly cow-town to a pretentious over-rated place. Local wages do not allow for the average Montana paid family to survive, let alone buy a house at the median price of $435k. It is a beautiful place, but becoming overrun, and continues to mismanage its growth. Very Sad.

Good thing the mountain views are prettier than the "privileged white people" who apparently ruined Bozeman in 2019.

This is not a good place to live or visit contrary to what is presented here. I am of ethnic descent and felt like an alien here. The people were not sure how to treat me so they just completely ignored me everywhere I went. They were not mean but not friendly either. The city is picturesque and clean. The scenery is to die for. I felt very uncomfortable visiting this city and did not expect it due to the rave reviews placed here by privileged white people who of course fit in and get treated much better than I was treated. You have a long way to go Bozeman before I ever give you a good rating.

This one was left for all of you "fake stuck-up jerks". To be fair, I don't disagree completely with a couple of the statements made in this review from 2019. I won't elaborate, but I think some will agree that there's some truth to this one.

Bozeman is an overrated town full of fake, stuck up jerks who want your money. People in Bozeman look down on you. It is overrun by people who are raising the housing costs to absolutely ridiculous level. I'm talking that of a 1 million plus population city. The city doesn't plow the roads in the winter, no diversity, barley any jobs for most of the citizens and crap housing. There is hardly any nightlife scene unless you like drinking 24/7. Everybody here is also passive aggressive as hell and usually buys a house that they wont even live in half the year for way too much money. Big Sky is overpriced and basically a giant air bnb playground for trust fund babies. The college is nice and some people here like to be cool towards you, but in general it is a rich playground ski bum college town with nothing to look forward to for the massive amount of money you pay to live here. The city is in a massive growing pain stage. Probably will stay that way.

Awww...the "I'll never live there again" speech. Which in this case, is probably okay considering it is an "awful, awful place". This review was left JUST LAST YEAR, but I am guessing they have moved away to a better place.

I have traveled across the US from the east coast. Most of the people that have I met, especially in the midwest. Bozeman Mt has the most hate, rude people I have ever come across! They are snobbish and rude. Forget about small talk.Bozeman is one of the most,if not the most messed up city I have ever lived in. Awful, awful place.

So what do you think, Bozeman? Are these reviews accurate or did we just rub 7 people the wrong way?

cc: Niche.com

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