Montana is known for a lot of things.  It's beauty, the mountains, National Parks, outdoor life, and beef.

In a state with more cattle than people, you would be hard-pressed to find beef better than what we have here in The Treasure State.  All across Montana you will find wonderful steak houses and different restaurants that highlight delicious cuts of beef raised right here in Big Sky Country, so it shouldn't be a big surprise that we're getting some national recognition.

One popular national publication has highlighted the best burgers in the United States and a Montana burger has made the list.

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Montana has a ton of great burgers and you can find them in the divest of dive bars, all the way to fancy places that use multiple pieces of silverware. However, according to Food and Wine, one of the very best burgers in the country is located in Missoula, Montana.

Before we reveal what Food and Wine are calling the "best burger" in Montana, let's take a look at Montana's Top 10 Restaurants that you need to try.

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Which Missoula establishment has the best burger in Montana according to Food and Wine? That would be the "smash burger" at Wally and Buck.

Credit: Wally And Buck Instagram
Credit: Wally And Buck Instagram

Located on Front Street in Missoula, Wally and Buck serve up some amazing burgers and have different options on the menu with different toppings including bacon jam. Not to mention, the restaurant uses local and organic ingredients when available. Plus, I have it on good authority that they also make one of the best chicken sandwiches that you'll ever have in your life.

Credit: Wally and Buck Instagram
Credit: Wally and Buck Instagram

Of course, Wally and Buck isn't the only place in Montana to get a great burger. The Burger Dive in Billings has received a ton of national love as has Nap's Grill in Hamilton, plus all of the old-school places like Mark's In & Out, The Roadhouse Diner, and many more.

Where's your favorite place in Montana to get a burger? Let us know by sending us a message on our radio station app.

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