After months and months of Baxter Lane being closed, it is set to finally be fully open by the end of this week. (12/15).

Not only has this road closure been a nescience for the residents in the area but it has also been a project that was much needed. With Bozeman expanding and continuing to grow west and trying to alleviate loads of traffic, this new construction project should be extremely helpful.

Another road that will be undergoing a large construction projection is right next to Montana State University.

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U.S. Senator Jon Tester was able to secure $24 million in funding for this project through Rural Surface Transportation Grant to revamp Kagy Boulevard. The project has the ability to make Kagy less congested and more convenient not only for drivers but for people walking as well.

3 focuses of the project include:

  • widening lanes
  • creating a multi-use path
  • improving safety features

Senator Tester has high hopes of this new construction project making coming in and out of Montana State University Football games much smoother.

The project is specifically going to:

  • include two median-separated travel lanes in each direction
  • turning lanes
  • separated 10-ft-wide shared-use path
  • roundabouts

As of right now we don't have a time line as to when the project is projected to start or finish, but I am guessing it will not be right in the middle of next year's football season.

As we get more updates, we will update you as well. Until then, GO CATS!

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