Ok! So it's your time to pop the "big question"! You have realized you are with the person of your dreams! You are ready to share the bathroom, share the bills, and share your life! So what is the first step? Finding the perfect ring! Whether you are looking for a women's engagement ring or men's, I personally feel like this is so very important.

Many of my friends have a Pinterest Board FULL of their wedding must haves. Then they have a board of just rings. I know, us women can get a little crazy about this, but its a good idea. We have a type, color, cut, and size all picked out in our minds (and on our boards). Some people have to have a big diamond, while others don't care to have a diamond at all. It's important to know the details! Does your guy want a tungsten ring, gold, or maybe silver? All things we should know!

Here are a couple Jewelers that can make your special day of "popping the question" a success.

Alara Jewelry: Located at 42 W M in Bozeman, you can have them design a ring for you or pick from one of their hand crafted designs. Their employees LOVE Bozeman and participate in many Downtown Bozeman Events!


Millers Jewelry: Since 1882, Millers is dubbed the "hometown jeweler". A local family owned jewelry store with roots to our Bozeman Community! They have the LARGEST Collection of YOGO gemstones!



Red Clover Custom Jewelry: This place is amazing! You can bring them an idea, they will design it and it is all kept local! If you want one of a kind, no one else will have anything similar, THIS is your spot! You can book online to make a free appointment.



Good Luck! I hope to get an invite to your BIG DAY!

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