What could be next for this lucrative location in downtown Bozeman? It's a prime spot for a business. 

I was driving along Main Street in downtown Bozeman and noticed that one iconic business put up a Going Out of Business sign, and I was pretty surprised. East Main Trading Co., located right off the intersection of Main Street and North Broadway, will be closing soon and is giving out great deals now. 

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East Main Trading Co. has been a staple of downtown Bozeman residents who love antiques, books, etc. East Main Trading Co. was one of the few places that not only sold items but bought them from locals as well. 

East Main Trading Co. Via Facebook
East Main Trading Co. Via Facebook

According to Facebook, East Main Trading Co. must be out of the building by the end of July due to the new owner. This is heartbreaking. A lot of locals will miss the East Main Trading Co. for knick-knacks and great antique furniture. 

The real question we must ask now is, what will happen to the location after July 31st? It's a prime downtown Bozeman location and will be near not only the freeway but hotels and the rest of downtown Bozeman. Plus, there is the location next to East Main Trading Co. too. 

Whoever purchased the location probably has big plans. We will update you as soon as we find out more information. 

For more details, check out East Main Trading Co. 

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