According to Montana State University Police, phone scammers are again targeting MSU students.

The caller is telling the students there is a warrant out for their arrest and that they must pay a fine immediately or they will be arrested. The scammers are also telling students that they must pay taxes on a recent tuition payment.

What makes the scam even more believable is that the caller ID on victims' telephones shows the MSU Police Deptartment, the FBI, or some other Montana law enforcement agency.

Students who have been called have reported that the scammers speak with a foreign accent and can be extremely aggressive.

Be advised, law enforcement officers will never request payment over the telephone. Any person who receives such a call should not transfer any funds. Also, a fraud report should be filed with the MSU Police Department and the FBI at their website

Additionally, a report should be filed with the FCC. To do that click here.