C'mon. I'm pretty laid back with the tourists. I was a tourist here too, decades ago. But things like this just make some visitors a glaring target for growliness from locals. THIS ONE for about three different reasons.

A FEW IMPORTANT NOTES:  First: I did casually walk around the van to see if there was a handicapped sticker or tag anywhere visible and I did NOT see one. Even if there WAS a hang tag, we all know that's not how you park in a handicapped parking spot.

Second: I don't have anything against tourists or out-of-staters. Heck, I moved here from California too, many years ago. But I DO have an issue with careless idiots of any kind.

Third: Between the time I pulled up in the parking lot, returned a quick phone call, went in the quickie mart and got my lottery ticket and then left...not once was anyone visible with the van and nobody was filling tires with air. The sliding door was cracked open a few inches but there wasn't any activity.

photo: Michelle Wolfe
photo: Michelle Wolfe

This post isn't meant for anything except a reminder to other visitors (and some careless locals), don't be a jerk. Don't park your big van in a manner that not only blocks THREE parking spaces but blocks the the ONLY handicapped spot in the lot.

This parking job also makes it impossible for the myriad work trucks that stop in to get some quick air in their tires to do so. There's just so many annoying things with this carelessness.

Did it ruin my day? Certainly not. Did I wait around to give someone (the occupants) a hard time? No way. However, it was such a blatant "I don't care what anyone else arounds me needs" sort of thing...I just had to share it. Have a good day, and be good to others!

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