If you need a good laugh, this will have you in stitches and make you realize that maybe some people would think this article is real.

The Onion is a very popular website known for its comedy satire and tongue-in-cheek articles they write about current events, politics, and sports. The Onion came out with an article called' Yellowstone Bouncer Escorts High Roller To VIP Meet and Mingle with Grizzly Bears. Just the title alone will give you a giggle.

The article goes on to talk about how Yellowstone National Park has a high roller area where VIPs or Very Important People can access a secret area to meet the elusive Grizzly Bear. Then they go on to give the Grizzly Bears exotic names and the socialite may have not had the best time.

The Onion is spot on with this article and I can't stop laughing at what they wrote. The thing is this is so true with a lot of celebrities or tourists with a lot of money that come to Montana. They think when they visit Yellowstone National Park they can see wildlife whenever they want but that's not how it works and it's also incredibly dangerous. Grizzly bears are not cuddly creatures you can simply walk up to and that gets lost on a lot of people vacationing to our lovely national park.

Maybe this will help open some folk's eyes or they will think it's real and have them looking for the VIP area in Yellowstone National Park. We will see.

Look at the whole article on The Onion.

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