Earlier this week, the Gallatin City-County Health Department recommended that fan attendance be limited for school sporting events. This has caused quite a stir with parents who want to watch their kids participate in fall sports.

Local school districts are implementing most of the the Health Department's recommendations and allowing only two fans per athlete at football, soccer, and volleyball home games for the beginning of the season.  The visiting teams that are located in other counties will not be allowed to bring spectators.

We asked the XL Nation what they thought of the new fan rules in a poll.

Are You Happy with Schools Limiting Fans at Fall Sporting Events?


Here's what people had to say about it on the XL Country Facebook page:

"We are a family of 5 so this means if my husband and I want to watch we have to leave kids at home. Why cant it be immediate family? Some families have step-parents too ...super frustrating" - Tana

"At least Gallatin County is allowing spectators. You could be Yellowstone county and have 0 able to attend." - Jessica

"Our beautiful brand new stadium seats 3,200 for football spectators. Why is the plan the same for indoor vs outdoor sports.
An enclosed gymnasium should absolutely have limited fans. Outside in open space-make use of the facility! Of course families can socially distance in a giant stadium (which also has a large grass seating area). Now we have families being split-siblings in tears because they can’t go, Grandparents heartbroken and divorced families having to choose who gets to go. In this stressful time youth need our cheers more than ever. They need family support. We are all sports parents so trying to prevent spread at this point is a bit too late! We’ve been enjoying baseball together, at the river, lakes, BBQs, etc and doing it safely and smart." - Holly

The Health Department also recommended that fans who are allowed at games should wear a face covering and maintain at least six feet of distance between each family group at fall sporting events.

Thoughts? Take our poll.

Posted by XL Country 100.7 on Wednesday, August 26, 2020


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