After the shooting of Deputy Mason Moore outside Three Forks, Montana, Amy and I on the XL Morning Show felt compelled to do something. Amy's dad is a former Illinois state trooper, and I, for a long time, have felt that  law enforcement does not get the support they deserve for risking their lives for us each day.

To that end, we are launching Operation Blue Light. Next Wednesday, May 24 at locations all across the XL Nation, you will be able to pick up free blue lights that you can display outside your houses at night to show that you support all Montana law enforcement. From Bozeman to Three Forks to Ennis to Livingston and all points in between, businesses and individuals have already stepped up to donate money and offered to be pickup locations for the blue bulbs.

If you feel the same way we do and want to show your support for law enforcement, here's what you can do:

  • Please commit right now to stopping by one of our pickup locations next Wednesday and turn it on outside of our house on Wednesday night, May 24.
  • It is also our hope that you will leave these blue lights outside your house to show law enforcement that you support them not just on this one day but every day.

XL Nation, we know many of you feel the way we do. After announcing Operation Blue Light on the morning show today, we were overwhelmed with generosity and support through emails, phone calls, texts, and even people dropping by the radio station. Please help us turn Montana blue and show our local law enforcement that we appreciate them.


Please share our Facebook Event Page for this to let your friends know about it

Again, you will be able to a pick up your free blue lightbulb next Wednesday. We will announce soon the different locations.

Thank you, XL Nation! Let's show our Montana Law Enforcement that we appreciate them risking their lives to keep us safe.


photo courtesy of the Gallatin Co Sheriff's Office
photo courtesy of the Gallatin Co Sheriff's Office

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