Hunting season is already underway!!  Hunting season always starts with Bow Season opening on the first Saturday in September.  But there are still more opening days to come!

Here are the start and finish dates for the 2017 hunting season:

Deer and Elk

  • Youth (Deer Only): October 19 - October 20th
  • General: October 21st - November 26th


  • General: October 7th - November 12th


  • October 7th - January 1st

Mountain Lion

  • October 21st - November 26th
  • Winter: December 1st - April 14th

Mountain Goat

  • September 15th - November 26th


  • September 15th - November 26th

Black Bear

  • September 15th - November 26th

Bighorn Sheep

  • September 15th - November 26th


  • November 15th - February 15th

These dates are according to the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks see the full list here.

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