When you think of skateboarding, you think of this man. This legend brought skateboarding to the mainstream and built a business empire. 

The Billings Gazette is reporting, that legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk will be speaking at the 2022 Billings Chamber Breakfast, on Thursday, April 7th. The best part about this breakfast is that you can buy tickets to the event and hear from one of the most influential athletes of all time in extreme sports. 

Tony Hawk revolutionized skateboarding with his halfpipe tricks, Tony was the first person to ever land a 900 in a competition. He helped make the X Games into a worldwide event where skateboarders came from all over to dethrone the legend himself. 

Tony Hawk will be talking about his business endeavors during the breakfast. Form his self-made skateboard company Birdhouse and his billion-dollar video game franchise, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, he will be covering everything. Tony Hawk is a legendary athlete for what he has done on and off the skateboard. 

This event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear some incredible business skills and advice from a man who went from skateboarding for a career to creating a business empire. Hearing advice from Tony Hawk speak is a can't miss event. 

Tickets are on sale right now for the Billings Chamber Breakfast. You can purchase tickets through Metra Park's website for $40, and that includes breakfast. Remember though, the breakfast starts at 7 AM, so it will be an early morning. 

You never know when an opportunity like this will ever come around in Montana, so maybe take the day off and head over to Billings. Tony Hawk might inspire you for your next endeavor. 

For more details, check out MetraPark

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