When it comes to doing the right thing, helping others, and taking care of business, Montana is always taking it to the next level. We see time and time again, Montanan's stepping up and giving back. Whether it is for the local HRDC, Montana State University, Animal Shelters, etc., Montana definitely is the most giving state I have ever been a part of.

We all watch the news and we see the horrific things that are going on in our country and other countries. So when the Wonderland Café and Lodge held its usual Sunday, $2.00 trivia night and decided to have the proceeds benefit Ukraine, the outcome was not it's typical Sunday outcome.

There are perks to social media, for example when the word spread about the special trivia night, donations of all amounts started coming in. The café is pretty predictable when trivia happens, the usual 25-30 people, some good "brain busting" fun, and that is that. But this trivia night was one that everyone will remember.

This trivia night hit the hearts of many people and some businesses in particular and they raised...80 THOUSAND DOLLARS. You read that correct, $80,000 in cash for the people of the Ukraine. With over 100 donors, this is definitely reason one million and counting, that the people of Montana should be so proud of themselves. I know I am proud to say I live in Montana, the state that never backs down.

You can read the full article right here.

I also highly recommend you follow Wonderland Café and Lodge's social media for all their fun events. Be sure to give them a "like".

Again, way to go Montana!

cc: The Livingston Enterprise

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