Nathan Axtman is no rookie to hunting. Growing up in a small town on the Canadian border, Axtman has had hunting in his blood since he was a small boy. I met Axtman in early 2000, all he ever talked about was hunting, fishing, and more hunting. You could tell it was a passion that would be a part of his life forever.

This Canadian Bear didn't scare Axtman enough to give up on the hunt. But I can tell you this, I wouldn't have been nearly this calm!

Working at one of the largest retailers for hunting helped Axtman not only gain knowledge but also gave him the opportunity to try different brands of guns, bows, and hunting gear. His love for hunting has continued to grow throughout the years. Traveling all over to expand his game, Axtman proves time and time again to be a successful hunter and role model for many.

Axtman recently was on a hunt right here in Montana. Glassing the hills of Ennis he was able to snag a beautiful color phase black bear before the storm hit Monday morning.  Utilizing all parts of the bear, Axtman is the type of hunter who really appreciates the kill, uses the meat and fat, and considers each hunting experience a blessing.

Hunters like Axtman are ones that feel the land, feel the animal, and use hunting as a way to provide. Congrats on your Montana bear!

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