As restaurants are getting set to open up again on Monday, Gallatin County has not recorded a positive case of the coronavirus for 11 days. April 22nd is the last day that the number of cases has changed. Currently, we have zero people hospitalized for COVID-19 and zero active cases, according to the Gallatin City-County Health Department.

Overall, the county has recorded 146 cases of COVID-19 with one death. Nearby Park County has seen only 8 cases with zero deaths.

In Montana, we haven't seen a day with more than 10 cases reported across the entire state in two weeks. The state has recorded 455 cases of the coronavirus with 16 deaths. The death rate for Montana from COVID-19 is 0.0351648351648352‬%.

Credit: Gallatin City-County Health Department
Credit: Gallatin City-County Health Department


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