For residents who wish to stay up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccination in Gallatin County, a new tool is available to receive those updates right on your phone or email. Here is the info that you will receive:

  • Direct updates as Gallatin County moves through the vaccine
    distribution phases.
  • Information on which vaccine phase Gallatin County is currently in, who is eligible, and when it is believed that the different phases will begin.
  • How eligible people can register for the vaccines.
  • Other important vaccine distribution information

Here's How to Sign Up:

Send a text message to 888777 with one of the following messages (all one word with no spaces as written):

● Phase1b
● Phase1c
● Phase2

You will then receive an acknowledgment of terms text followed by a confirmation message. You must send individual texts for each of the phases you want to receive notifications for.

These tools provide the community another way to receive status updates as we move through the vaccination process with our limited supply of vaccine,” said Patrick Lonergan, chief of Gallatin County Emergency Management.

Credit: Gallatin Co Health Department/Facebook
Credit: Gallatin Co Health Department/Facebook

Gallatin City-County Health Department is gearing up to get more vaccines out to the general public. According to their website, they are just waiting for more doses to become available to Gallatin County.

Under Phase 1B, the first vaccines will be available for Gallatin County residents over the age of 80, in addition to American Indians and people of color. These groups have statistically proven to be of the highest risk within the Governor’s amended Phase 1B eligible individuals.

For more COVID-19 vaccine info visit

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