Guess where I'm going this Saturday? Yellowstone National Park! Guess what I just heard? The Park is experiencing new thermal activity. Here's what I found out:

According to Park authorities, over the past several days there has been new thermal activity in the Geyser Hill area of the Upper Geyser Basin. This includes new erupting vents splashing water on the boardwalks, surface fractures. There was also a rare eruption of Ear Springon on Saturday, September 15.

Geyser Hill lies across the Firehole River from Old Faithful and features dozens of hot springs, geysers, and fumaroles.

It sounds like for safety, some of the boardwalks and trails in the Geyser Hill area have been temporarily closed. Closure signs are posted. The boardwalks around Old Faithful remain open.

And now for the information we're all wondering since I'm heading to ground zero: There are no signs of impending volcanic activity in the park.

Look for my Yellowstone National Park pics on Monday here on the XL website!

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