The ultimate resource for drivers in Montana is here just in time for winter. A new app called PassWarrior was developed by Livingston resident, Doug Fales. This mobile app has all the road information from the Montana Department of Transportation and Montana Highway Patrol. Which includes:

  • Incidents & closures
  • Camera images
  • Time-lapse videos
  • Road maps
  • Plow dash camera views
  • Up to the minute road conditions
  • Air & road temperatures
  • Warnings and alerts

Fales, a frequent Bozeman pass driver, created the app to make travel in Montana a little easier. He expressed what made him develop the app in the first place:

I think one too many white-knuckle drives over the pass made me realize that I could reduce the stress in my life by paying more attention to road conditions. But when I would try to get a handle on the conditions, sitting in some parking lot tapping around on these various websites on a tiny phone screen, I realized two things. First, there was great info on some of the MDT and MHP sites, but it was not optimized for my little phone screen. And second, the data was always shown as a single point in time, not as a trend over time, like in a time-lapse video or chart of the temperature rising or falling.

When taking a closer look at the app is seems like it's handy for anyone driving Montana roads. PassWarrior is available for about $2 in your Google Play or App Store.  See some screenshots from the PassWarrior app below.

Fales developed the app on the side and maybe looking at doing similar apps for other states and is hoping to get a chance to build new features in 2021.



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