A new website has been launched by the City of Belgrade to garner public input about two projects that are currently underway. BeHeardBelgrade.com was launched this summer to give residents a platform to follow two specific projects and participate in decisions and provide ideas and feedback to the City of Belgrade.

The two projects are:

  • The creation of a Belgrade Area Zoning Regulation, which will extend zoning to areas bordering the city of Belgrade.
  • The Downtown Design Plan, which will create a vision that will contribute to revitalizing Belgrade’s commercial center.

The City of Belgrade has contracted with Cushing Terrell for both projects.

BeHeardBelgrade.com will provide background information on these two projects, as well as posting updates and surveys for public input.

According to the City of Belgrade, after instituting a new growth policy earlier this year, the creation of a Belgrade Planning Area Zoning Regulation was once again acknowledged as a priority.

In 2017, the City of Belgrade created an Urban Renewal District (URD) to revitalize the city’s commercial center with investment in public infrastructure, retention, and business recruitment, and leveraging private and public capital. Revitalization efforts in the commercial center, including the downtown core, were also recommended in the new Growth Policy.

Creating the Design Plan helps the City of Belgrade formulate a vision for the URD and offer guidance and prioritize projects such as enhanced streetscapes and other public improvements.

Through this new website, the city will be looking for as much community input as possible to identify what matters most to residents.

The projects can also be followed on Facebook or Instagram on the Be Heard Belgrade project pages. For more information, contact the City of Belgrade Planning Department office at 91 East Central Avenue or 406-388-3760.


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