Have you seen the Netflix Original Series "Maid"? Based on the real-life events of Stephanie Land, this series is a real eye-opener. It's on Netflix right now, it is ten episodes long, and about a girl trying to make her way back to Montana. Missoula to be exact. But it is not as easy as just getting in the car and going.

Through years of abuse with her father, her current boyfriend, and her mother, the show's main character, Alex (Stephanie Land's Character), has a lot of mental healing to do before she can make her way to Missoula.

The series goes through a factor of emotions, and it really shows the effects of Verbal/ Emotional Abuse. A lot of people do not realize how terrible their words can be. The effect mentally on a person. It shows that words can absolutely destroy a person and put them in a situation that is incredibly hard to get out of. Years of therapy dealing with self-doubt, lack of confidence, and most of all, regaining the feeling of self-worth.

Most people who are victims of Verbal/Emotional Abuse do not realize until it's too late that they are victims. I know this because I have been the victim of verbal abuse. People constantly putting you down whether is name-calling, body shaming, etc, these are words and situations that do not leave a person's mind. They stick with you. You start to constantly question everything you do, everything you say...everything you write.

After watching the series, I binged it over the weekend, I have come to the realization that there are still people in this world that think that they are for some reason bigger and better than some of us. Well here is the truth, your mean words suck, you are not bigger or better, and please, for the sake of your self-dignity, be positive. You can not take your words back.

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