Ummm...Who are the Icedogs? Listen, I was a bit lost at first as well. The Icedogs are an Elite Hockey Team that is right here in Bozeman. Then I got to know them, the team, the coaches, the game. The Icedogs have been around since 1996, but there is something special about this year's group.

New coaches, Coach Perkins and Coach Burton. A love for the game has brought these two coaches to Bozeman to coach the best of the best. With years of coaching under their pads, Coach Perkins and Coach Burton make it very clear they truly love the game.

This years team also has all new players. They are all too wonderful to list, but here you can meet the Captains of the Icedogs:

Keeping the other players in line, setting examples for kids throughout the community, the Icedogs are an example of true sportsmanship.

Volunteering throughout the community, the Icedogs are always willing to get their hands dirty where ever they can. Check out their schedule HERE. They are often raffling off super great items at their home games. Tickets are reasonably priced and this is the perfect family fun event. TICKETS are available and you will not be disappointed...promise.

An all-hands-on-deck group of boys, in order to keep the boys on the ice and out of trouble, are constantly looking for more ways to give back to the community. If you have any events coming up that could use a few more hands, reach out to Coach Burton HERE and I am sure he will proudly do his best.

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