There are a lot of things we do, that we may not realize are illegal here in Montana.

Aside from being incredibly rude, annoying, and just not the neighborly thing to do, this is actually illegal and there is more to it than you may even realize.


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The simple answer is NO. So if the college kid neighbors keep filling up your trash can after a weekend bash, you can ask them to stop and let them know it is actually illegal.

According to Montana Code 75-10-212 (found here):

Disposal in an unauthorized area prohibited -- exception.

1.    A person may not dispose of solid waste except as permitted under this part.

2. It is unlawful to dump or leave any garbage, dead animal, or other debris or refuse:

     a. in or upon any highway, road, street, or alley of this state;

     b. in or upon any public property, highway, street, or alley under the control of the state of Montana or any political subdivision of the state or any officer or agent, or department of the state or political subdivision of the state;


     c.   within 200 yards of a public highway, road, street, alley, or public property;

     d. on the privately owned property where hunting, fishing, or other recreation is permitted; however, this subsection does not apply to the owner, the owner's agents, or those disposing of debris or refuse with the owner's consent.

3. A person in violation of this section is absolutely liable and is subject to the civil penalties

So if you have "those" neighbors, send them this article.


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