Saturday afternoon was a tough day for me, and my co-workers are letting me know about it!As many of you know, I came to Bozeman from Kansas City. On Saturday, my favorite football team (Kansas City Chiefs) lost to the New England Patriots, 27-20.

Dave was the first person to bring up the distraught memory from Saturday. As I walked into the studio, the first thing he said was "I'm sorry about Saturday." He followed that up with telling me that his wife is a huge Patriots fan. We will just call that salt on the fresh wound. Will and Scott then added insult to injury by bringing up the loss, making today all but happy.

The stage is set for the Divisional Championships:

The New England Patriots will play the Denver Broncos for the AFC Championship, this Sunday at 1:05pm on CBS.

The Arizona Cardinals will face off against the Carolina Panthers at 4:40pm on FOX.

Who do you think will advance to the big game? Let me know by commenting on Facebook, tweet me @JoeXLCountry, or email me at