A young teen boy discovered the deceased body of his mother this week at their home after she hadn't been heard from for a couple of days.

According to reports, the mother and her boyfriend, who has now been arrested for the murder, had gotten into an argument days before she was murdered.

Family members have identified the victim as Susan LaForge of Billings. LaForge's son called the police when he found a suitcase that was set near the garage. In that suitcase was a folded-up body, which was then identified as LaForge, the teens' mother.

Police came to the residence and found there was clearly a murder that had taken place in the residence. Blood was found in the bedroom and blood soaked into a mop head. With the smell of cleaner in the air and furniture recently moved to cover up blood stains, the police knew they were dealing with something really horrific.

Following a blood trail that took them from room to room, before stopping them at the garage, the police were soon led to a pair of size 11 shoes contaminated with blood.

After speaking with the teenage boy, the police identified 30-year-old Terrell Lee Spotted Wolf as LaForge's boyfriend and the main person of interest. Spotted Wolf has been charged with deliberate homicide in the case. He is currently residing at Yellowstone County Jail.

This investigation is ongoing and more updates will come. We send our thoughts and prayers to LaForge's family, especially her young son who found her in the most unthinkable way.


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