I was recently shopping at a local business here in Bozeman and as I was leaving I saw something that I wasn't really expecting but I also don't know exactly how I feel about it. And, this isn't the first time I have seen this. I guess I am wondering how you all feel about it.

There was a guy selling puppies out of the back of his pickup truck. Now, I do understand that people are constantly selling online and to pet stores so this is really not any different right?


The only thing that makes me feel a bit differently about this is the fact that what if you sell to a family that thinks they are ready for a puppy but come to find out a month down the road, they were actually not. Can you return it to the seller?

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When you adopt from a shelter or if purchasing from a store or a breeder is what you choose to do, there is typically a contract that you sign stating that if you realize/decide the pet isn't going to work out, you have to bring them back to the original seller or agency.


I just get so passionate about pets because you always want to see them go to the perfect home that is going to love them unconditionally for years and years to come. So when people decide to add pets to their homes during the holidays, I always hope it has been a conversation and not an impulse addition.

We have a great animal shelter here in Bozeman and more in the surrounding areas. If you are able to adopt and give a shelter pet a home that will be safe and secure and full of treats and pets, I highly recommend you do.


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