While you are out and about this weekend, keep your eyes open for these three outstanding citizens. They have made their celebrity appearance on the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office's Facebook Page, which means I get to share it with you.

First off we have Jason Guy Mitchell. Offense? Issuing A Bad Check Exceeding $500.00 to $5,000.00 - 2 Counts, Theft - First Offense, Issuing A Bad Check Exceeding $5,000.00, Tampering With Witness/Informant

Although his last location is states away, let's share this and get him back to where he belongs. Jail.

Next up on Montana's outstanding citizen list:

Cordell William Maney. His Offense? Driving Under Influence Alcohol - 3rd Offense AND Criminal Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia

Our town hasn't grown so much that everyone has no clue where this guy is. Right? I mean, it is illegal to hide a person with a warrant. So let's be smarter than that and let Maney have an all-inclusive stay at one of Bozeman's finest resorts, aka jail.

Last on our list for this week:

Faisal Thamer Altaleb. His charges? Sexual Intercourse Without Consent.

Now, although some of the comments on this guy's picture suggest he may look like a certain professional athlete, it is not. BUT with that being said, perhaps it won't be that hard to locate such a "celebrity" lookalike? Last seen right here in Bozeman, keep your eyes open, and don't be afraid to be a good citizen. You can remain anonymous.

If you see any of the criminals or have any information regarding their locations, please call 406-582-2100. Your help is much appreciated.

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