Jess Lockwood, a two-time PBR World Champion, had surgery Friday after breaking his jaw at the season-opening PBR event. The injury occurred on Saturday, January 16th, in Round 1 of the PBR Monster Energy Invitational in Ocala, Florida.

Lockwood, from Volborg, Mont., released a statement on Tuesday following his surgery. He is now sporting braces and rubber bands for the next six to 12 weeks to help heal his jaw. Lockwood is also on a liquid diet and is hoping to not lose too much weight during the recovery process.

As part of the announcement, the Montana cowboy mentioned he was planning on returning to ride at the PBR Del Rio Invitational in Del Rio, Texas in a few weeks (February 13th and 14th).

When posting on Instagram, Lockwood stated "Thank y’all so much for reaching out, the prayers and your well wishes. It means more than you know!"

During the PBR in Ocala, Florida Lockwood was thrown 2.75 seconds into his ride and injured his jaw when he collided with Detroit Lean's horn according to an earlier PBR release.

Despite being injured during the season opener Lockwoon joking wrote on Twitter, "My teeth at 13 yo: We could really use some braces.... *even better I’ll give 'em to ya at 23*"

Just last season Lockwood suffered a major injury by tearing his hamstring in March and missed months of action. He was able to return at the end of the season, but ultimately it may have cost him the 2020 World Championship.


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